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Hasselblad Recycling Policy

Hasselblad supports all efforts to ensure that the recycling of products manufactured by Hasselblad takes place in an environmentally safe way.

Photo: Hans Strand / Strand Photography

You are welcome to contact Hasselblad in case you have questions related to recycling of your Hasselblad equipment: Info@Hasselblad.com


Most countries have implemented legislation to ensure environmentally safe disposal and recycling. If you are a Hasselblad equipment owner, we advise you to check with your local Hasselblad supplier how to handle recycling of Hasselblad equipment.

European Union
Hasselblad applies the following approach to recycling in EU countries, in accordance with the WEEE standard (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

If you are a private household customer,  you should drop off your end of life products at your local authorized collection point for recycling.

Business customers:
Hasselblad will provide free recycling of all electronic equipment once a customer has returned the equipment to a Hasselblad designated collection point (typically one of our local dealers) provided a replacement product is being supplied by Hasselblad. Where a replacement product is not being supplied, recycling services can be provided on request at additional cost. Where national legislation dictates that other services should be offered, we will adapt our service to be compliant.

Costs for logistics and special services (disassembly and/or controlled destruction of data) will be calculated individually, based on the current market price.

Customers who decide to send equipment for recycling must fill in a Recycling Release Form to verify that the equipment has been sent to Hasselblad for recycling.